To empower, motivate and inspire United States Military Veterans, by promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness, to achieve physical, mental and social wellness



We promote healthier lifestyles for US military veterans, through physical fitness programs, that are accountable, sustainable and measurable; while at the same time, help educate and promote better overall practices for personal trainers and facilities in the fitness industry.

22 veterans commit suicide, on average per day. The fitness industry has the capacity to provide much more than we contribute today in the fight for veteran support. We can start that immediately, as we already have the infrastructure of clubs and facilities and basic education in personal training in place.

There is so much more the fitness industry can offer to our country’s armed forces, than what it is doing now. Discounted rates on membership dues is not accountable or motivating enough to do the job that a fitness coach, partner or trainer can. Therefore, we are changing the way clubs do things, when it comes to supporting military combat veterans. Although the infrastructure is already built, and trainers have certifications, we have found that even in major metropolitan areas, the industry is ill educated on the needs of combat veterans and their limitations. We believe that a regimented fitness program, that creates lifestyle changes in the lives of veterans, can help to combat the challenged of depression and thoughts of suicide among our heroes. At the same time, Fitness Military creates a vehicle for forging direct, result driven relationships with their local community veterans. 





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